Exe Infotech
Why Exe infotech
Continuing the manual processing in the world of advanced technology is not only foolish but also time consuming and expensive. We agree that there are some key areas where manual processing only works.
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Software Development
EXEInfoTech is a software company providing web application development and stand alone application in an affordable manner. We also provide client-server application. We have a professional team of ASP.NET, PHP...
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ASP Training
EXEInfoTech professionals have immense experience in developing web applications using Microsoft’s .NET frame work. To your simple to complex business related problems we have sharp solutions.
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PHP Programming
EXEInfoTech has a team who is equally capable in handling PHP programming too. PHP programming holds the key for development since it is open source technology. Be it large or small companies, we can offer solutions...
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we are
Who we are
EXEInfoTech believes in “executing ideas”. That’s what was in the mind of the pioneers of EXEInfoTech when they left some major IT companies. In that execution of ideas high cost must not cause hindrance.
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Domain &
Domain & Hosting
Are you looking for companies on the web that offer affordable domain registration? Well, you are at the best place to register domain name of your choice. Here you can get the best business domain name ....
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Java Programming
JAVA - well known as internet programming language, made drastic changes in the history of computing in our day today life, we will be in touch with applications in java. its applied even from remote controls...
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Live Projects
EXEInfoTech Live Projects stands out from others through its exclusive features. Special care is made to ensure that students are included in different phases of live projects. Thereby EXEInfoTech ensures ...Read More

EXEInfoTech provide assistance to students in JAVA, PHP, ASP.NET Mini and Major academic projects. Thus building a confidence to develop application. It includes Designing, Coding and implementation.
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EXEInfoTech offer quality training in programming languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Php, Asp.net, and Java catering to the academic level of students. For better reach to students we have many rural area branches.
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